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Beyond India: Tracking Global Power Grid Issues

Covert Contact: Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence - Power Grids

India’s power grid failure is epic in scope:

Some 20 of India’s 28 states were affected Tuesday, and as many as 600 million people – half of India’s population – reportedly impacted. Monday’s blackout, which was caused by a failure of the northern grid, affected eight states with a total population of around 370 million.

The consequences of this event and the Indian government’s inability to quickly stabilize the grid will be epic as well. This can topple a government or cripple an economy if not corrected quickly. That’s why we just rolled out a Power Grid Monitor (screenshot above). The monitor covers discussions about electrical/power grids, power outages, and first hand accounts of people who are experiencing outages.

You can find the monitor in your “Topics” menu.

Syria Livestreams Monitor the Battle for Aleppo

Covert Contact - Live Streaming Social Media - Aleppo, Syria Monitor

Although plenty of Aleppo updates are making it into the growing collection of Covert Contact monitors tracking the conflict in Syria there is enough interest and activity in Aleppo to justify a dedicated monitor.

This monitor is currently available and covers mentions of Aleppo, discussions about casualties, and links to photos and videos from the conflict.

Subscriptions to Covert Contact’s array of over 100 topic monitors and 350 live social media streams are available for only $10 per month.

Monitoring the Ebola Outbreak in Uganda

Covert Contact - Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence - Epidemics

The mysterious virus causing deaths in Uganda has now been confirmed as Ebola:

The deadly Ebola virus has killed 14 people in western Uganda this month, Ugandan health officials said on Saturday, ending weeks of speculation about the cause of a strange disease that had many people fleeing their homes.

The officials and a World Health Organization representative told a news conference in Kampala Saturday that there is “an outbreak of Ebola” in Uganda.

This news was surfacing in the “Outbreak” live stream of the Covert Contact Epidemics Monitor. However, this is a significant event so the “Flu” live stream has temporarily been replace by one monitoring Ebola.

If the outbreak worsens a dedicated monitor will likely be added for all subscribers.

London Monitor Added to All Subscription Plans

Covert Contact - Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence - London Monitor

A London monitor has been added for all subscribers. You’ll find it under your “Locations” menu. It currently monitors mentions of London, the Olympics, and a stream searching for incidents or discussions of violence, arrests, or terrorist activity.

Once the Olympic games have passed the monitor will be modified to track political and broader security issues.

Monitoring London 2012 Olympic Security Issues

Covert Contact - Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence - London 2012 Olympics Security Monitor

This event monitor is available to all subscribers. It looks at general discussions about security measures, terrorism, and (just recently added) cyber threats. We’re hoping for best but watching for the worst.

The Mother of All Syria Monitors – Updated

Covert Contact - Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence - Syria Wide Monitor

There are two seven column monitors available to Covert Contact subscribers. There is one for Syria (pictured above) and another for Iran. While they might get a bit cramped or busy on smaller monitors these two are really designed for large widescreen (24″ or bigger) displays. Think wall mounted displays in a newsroom or command center.

The 7 Column Widescreen Monitor for Syria has just been updated and currently streams discussions about: The opposition, President Bashar al-Assad, key cities (Allepo, Homs, Damascus), Russia’s involvement, UN involvement, video and photos from war zone, and Syrian weapons of mass destruction (chemical weapons, biological weapons, and missiles). If something is happening in Syria this monitor will likely find it and find it quickly.

Global Riot Monitor Added to All Plans

Covert Contact - Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence - Riot Monitor

A global riot monitor has been added for all subscribers. Monitor coverage includes global riot stream, riot police stream, violence stream

Some of this content is also available in the “Social Unrest” monitor but that offers an even broader look at social instability. This should fill the gap for all subscribers. Look for it in your “Treat Type” menu.

Anaheim Riots Live Streams

Covert Contact - Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence - Anaheim Riots

Violence and outrage in Anaheim last night:

Businesses were surveying the damage in downtown Anaheim after a night of violence in which 24 people were arrested and six injured.

Anaheim police were still assessing the fallout from the unrest, which took place amid growing outrage over a pair of fatal officer-involved shootings over the weekend.

The city is quiet at the moment but the tension and potential for more violence remains. Covert Contract subscribers will find a dedicated monitor for this story (pictured above) under their “Events” menu. It monitors mentions of the city, riots and protests, acts of violence, and discussions about the city’s police force.

Covert Contact on the iPad

Covert Contact - Espionage Monitor iPad Screenshot

A couple of you have asked how Covert Contact works on the iPad. Well, it works great on anything from tablets to wall mounted displays. The photo above is a screenshot of the Espionage Monitor running in the iPad browser. Of course, there’s less screen real estate but the live streams scale well and still stay ultra-readable.

You can check out additional screenshots or point your iPad to Covert Contact demo monitor to see it in action.

Monitoring al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Violence to Come

Covert Contact - Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence - Iraq Monitor

Recent attacks have killed and injured hundreds:

The violence comes after jihadist websites posted a message Saturday, purportedly from the leader of al-Qaida’s affiliate in Iraq, saying the group is starting a “new phase.” The audio message from a speaker identified as Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi says the Islamic State of Iraq is planning to attack court officials, and to free prisoners.

This has prompted an enhancement of the Covert Contact Iraq Monitor. One of the live streams is now dedicated to monitoring al-Qaeda in Iraq. The dedicated terrorism and al-Qaeda monitors will surface some of this information as well.

This enhancement is live on all accounts.