Anonymous vs. Westboro Baptist Church

Covert Contact - Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence - Anonymous vs. Westboro Baptist Church

Anonymous, and hackers such as @th3j35t3r, have been busy making life miserable for the Westboro Baptist Church since that group celebrated the recent Sandy Hook school shooting. This monitor is tracking mentions of the “church”, their involvement in protests (and specifically protests at funerals), and the Anonymous operation aimed at making their lives difficult.

Subscribers can find the monitor under “Events”.

Subscriptions to Covert Contact’s array of hundreds of global security live streams are available for only $10 per month.

One Thought on “Anonymous vs. Westboro Baptist Church

  1. Of interest might be the work of Anthony Karen here–former Marine, does protection in the field, but also an incredible photojournalist. He covered Westboro Baptist Church and was interviewed by the Washington Post regarding his photo series.

    He and I, with Svetlana Bachenvanova, are currently working on a project on Native American veterans, and he may be working with me on a project regarding information integrity and human security in HoA.

    Worth a look:

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