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Live Streaming the Cyber-Weapons – Stuxnet, Flame, Duqu, and Now Gauss

Covert Contact - Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence - Stuxnet, Flame, Duqu, and Gauss

There are reports of a new state-sponsored “cyber-weapon”:

Gauss is the most recent cyber-surveillance operation in the Stuxnet, Duqu and Flame saga.

It was probably created in mid-2011 and deployed for the first time in August-September 2011.

Gauss was discovered during the course of the ongoing effort initiated by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), following the discovery of Flame. The effort is aimed at mitigating the risks posed by cyber-weapons, which is a key component in achieving the overall objective of global cyber-peace.

In 140 chars or less, “Gauss is a nation state sponsored banking Trojan which carries a warhead of unknown designation”. Besides stealing various kinds of data from infected Windows machines, it also includes an unknown, encrypted payload which is activated on certain specific system configurations.

We’ve updated the Stuxnet/Flame/Duqu Monitor to pick up discussions about Guass as well. Subscribers will find it on the “Topics” section of the main menu.

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