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Now Monitoring the South China Sea

Covert Contact - Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence - South China Sea

A South China Sea Monitor was added today and it’s picking up a lot of quality content. The monitor is currently tracking any mention of the South China Sea, related naval and maritime issues, as well as discussions about the energy development efforts that are creating so much friction.

Subscribers can find this new monitor in their “Locations” menu. Covert Contact is now monitoring well over 100 topics with over 350 live streams – all for only $10 per month.

Beyond India: Tracking Global Power Grid Issues

Covert Contact: Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence - Power Grids

India’s power grid failure is epic in scope:

Some 20 of India’s 28 states were affected Tuesday, and as many as 600 million people – half of India’s population – reportedly impacted. Monday’s blackout, which was caused by a failure of the northern grid, affected eight states with a total population of around 370 million.

The consequences of this event and the Indian government’s inability to quickly stabilize the grid will be epic as well. This can topple a government or cripple an economy if not corrected quickly. That’s why we just rolled out a Power Grid Monitor (screenshot above). The monitor covers discussions about electrical/power grids, power outages, and first hand accounts of people who are experiencing outages.

You can find the monitor in your “Topics” menu.