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Beyond India: Tracking Global Power Grid Issues

Covert Contact: Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence - Power Grids

India’s power grid failure is epic in scope:

Some 20 of India’s 28 states were affected Tuesday, and as many as 600 million people – half of India’s population – reportedly impacted. Monday’s blackout, which was caused by a failure of the northern grid, affected eight states with a total population of around 370 million.

The consequences of this event and the Indian government’s inability to quickly stabilize the grid will be epic as well. This can topple a government or cripple an economy if not corrected quickly. That’s why we just rolled out a Power Grid Monitor (screenshot above). The monitor covers discussions about electrical/power grids, power outages, and first hand accounts of people who are experiencing outages.

You can find the monitor in your “Topics” menu.