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All Syria Monitors Updated

The Syria, Syria Widescreen, and Syrian Weapons Issues monitors have all received substantial updates today. The updates allow for better tracking of the new National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, and involvement by regional players ranging from Turkey, to Israel, to Hezbollah. Subscribers should refresh their browsers when loading the new monitors to ensure that they receive the updates.

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The Covert Contact Chemical/Biological Weapons Monitor

Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence - Chemical and Biological Weapons Montitor

World leaders are reacting swiftly to Syria’s threat to use chemical and biological weapons if attacked. They are, as you can imagine, not amused.

We showed you the Syria Weapons Issues monitor in the last post but there are other resources in Covert Contact for monitoring this issue. The most obvious choice is the Chemical/Biological Weapons Monitor pictured above. There’s also a WMD monitor which throws nuclear weapons in the mix. You can see the full list of topics included here.

Again, this is an absolutely critical issue going forward and Covert Contact is going to continue to look at news ways to monitor the situation.

Syria Threatens to Use Chemical – Biological Weapons if Attacked

Covert Contact - Live Streaming Social Media Intelligence

The thinly veiled threat is a troubling, although perhaps not surprising, development in this crisis. Covert Contact has been at the forefront of this issue with a Syrian weapons monitor (Pro Plan screenshot above) in active operation for months.

The Syria, WMD, and other monitors also pick up discussions about this critical topic but another dedicated monitor may be added to dive a little deeper in the days ahead.

You can see the full list of topics monitored on the Covert Contact Plans page.