Chinese Spies and Russian Honey Traps | Episode 102

William Tucker returns for our regular Thursday evening counterintelligence chat. We start off by discussing the resource and coordination challenges in addressing Chinese espionage but quickly pivot to thoughts on Russian cases

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, honey traps, and the universally terrible outcomes experienced by American defectors and spies.

Quick Take: An Explosion in Beirut | Episode 101

A massive explosion has rocked Beirut at a critical time in Lebanon’s history. In this quick take I share some concerns about what could happen next.

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Online Security: Avoiding a Personal October Surprise | Episode 100

Infosec professional and security blogger Scot Terban joins me to discuss the recent LinkedIn spying case

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, the degrading environment in social media, and strategies for improving your personal security so that you don’t get targeted, compromised, and swept into your own (or someone else’s) October surprise.