Instant Updates on Critical Global Security Issues

Live streaming social media intelligence, with a global perspective, is here. Covert Contact is the next step in the evolution of the Blogs of War national security social media monitors that have generated millions of views during important world events – starting with the revolution in Egypt:

“Blogsofwar’s Egypt Twitter aggregator is also a must-read, especially for those who can understand Arabic.” – Fast Company

The monitors have been highly popular with intelligence professionals, government officials, NGOs, journalists, and military officials. For those who need to know what is happening (and who is talking about it) these monitors can often lead to insights hours, days, even weeks ahead of others.

Originally the monitors were available without a subscription but one Egyptian revolution monitor has become hundreds of live streams spanning over 140 locations, people, and topics. The time and effort required to build and maintain them is substantial. Covert Contact was created to build financial support for this valuable tool set and to explore new areas of social media and open source intelligence collection.

How it Works

Layers of queries drill down through real-time updates from Twitter to pull together live streams that tell the story quickly easily. No expertise is needed to use Covert Contact – just select a topic and view the stream. Each topic monitor is designed for widescreen views which are great for control room and other situational awareness applications.

When possible, live video, public safety radio streams, and other resources are incorporated into the monitors. These features make them ideal for monitoring emerging events ranging from natural disasters to terrorist attacks as well as for developing deeper knowledge of specific subjects and their related communities.

Covert Contact is the fastest possible way to get on top of complicated global issues, critical threats, and developing stories. No configuration is required and there are no complcated interfaces or skills to master. Just pick your topic from the menu and relevant live content will start streaming immediately. Keeping it simple allows you to focus on the information in front of you instead of the mechanics of a complicated tool.

Who is it For?

Anyone from journalists to multi-national corporations to governments. Organizations, both public and private, will find Covert Contact to be an indispensable situational awareness and open source intelligence tool. If national security, international relations, environmental disasters, hackers, protest movements, transnational crime, and terrorism are on your radar then Covert Contact is for you. Check out the demo live streams and sample just a fraction of the information that is available to subscribers.