What is Covert Contact?

Covert Contact is a weekly national security podcast hosted by John W. Little. The show, like Blogs of War, tends to look beyond the headlines to focus on the technology and intelligence issues that are driving change. It features commentary and interviews with diverse and respected experts. The show has featured artists in Afghanistan, an ambassador, professors, analysts, and former intelligence officers as guests and has an equally diverse lineup of guests scheduled for the months ahead. The show is designed to appeal to IR, national security, and technology professionals around the globe while still being accessible to non-experts.

How can I support Covert Contact?

Thanks for asking. It’s easier than you think.

How do I subscribe to Covert Contact on my iPad, iPhone, or other Apple device?

Apple has an excellent FAQ with detailed instructions. You can find Covert Contact in iTunes.

How do I subscribe to Covert Contact on my Android device?

AndroidCentral has a good roundup of apps here.

Can I subscribe on a Linux PC?

Yes. I recommend Miro.

Can I subscribe via RSS?

Yes. http://covertcontact.com/feed/.

How can I appear on Covert Contact as a guest?

Read the Guide for Guests to learn how to get in contact and pitch your idea.

How do I subscribe to the podcast RSS feed?

You can use http://covertcontact.com/feed/ in any number of podcast applications.

Can you recommend a podcast app?

I use Overcast for iOS. I can also recommend Pocket Casts. It costs a couple of bucks but it’s worth it. It’s also available for iOS and Android.

When do you release new episodes?

The current release schedule – well, there is no schedule but I shoot for one episode per week.

Do you have a facebook page?

Please Like the Blogs of War / Covert Contact Facebook page and join the conversation.

Where can I follow you on Twitter?

John and Blogs of War news updates can be found at @BlogsofWar. For show news only follow @CovertContact.

Who is your announcer?

That is Ben Lewis Sperling. Check out his work here and follow him on Twitter.